Neat & smart jewelry storage solution

Seriously, this is what my counter looked like every morning. You can not leave everything out like this. It's not very neat or smart. Yes, my coffee cup goes with me everywhere I go.

Seriously, this is what my counter looked like every morning. You can not leave everything out like this. It’s not very neat or smart. Yes, my coffee cup goes with me everywhere I go.

Does your bathroom counter or dresser look like this? You’ve got necklaces strewn on top because you don’t want them to get tangled in a drawer? Even worse, if you can’t see them you forget that you have them? We all know that out of sight means out of mind so it’s important to have easy access to your accessories otherwise you’ll never wear them.

I have somehow acquired more jewelry than I probably should thanks to friends who have Stella & Dot parties, gifts, and relatives passing down their own pieces and I am eternally grateful to have all of it. I think accessories are a great way to update and change an outfit and really personalize your look. Typically they don’t take up a lot of space and are especially great when you travel. But just like everything else, more is more, and if you aren’t using it why do you keep it?

Did you know that it cost $10 per square foot of storage in your home? That’s a lot of money when you start to think about closets, rooms, basements, & attics full of STUFF that you can’t even access to see what it is!

But I digress…jewelry. On my counter. Getting tangled. Forgetting what’s in the drawer. So, I have some fabric covered drawer liners that I use for beads and larger necklaces and that works perfectly. It’s the little chains that were giving me troubles. If you look at the black hole time vortex a.k.a. Pinterest, you can find millions of cute DIY projects and suggestions for how to store anything and everything. I love it for inspiration like this:

and this: 

and also this: 

But here is the main inspiration I had for my own project: 

Feel free to click the link and go to The Frugal Homemaker for instructions on her project. It’s a little different from mine (she uses a cork board which is much easier, I think) but I was just using some materials I already had. She’s got a great site and lots of other ideas.


Here is what I used:

  • 1 18′ x 24″ frame from Michaels, purchased with 40% off coupon.
  • 1 piece foam core
  • adhesive cork
  • fabric I had from a project a million years ago
  • push pins

I took the plastic cover off the frame and cut the foam core to fit. I attached the cork to the foam core and then laid the fabric on top to cover it. All of that got put into the frame and I attached the push pins. I know that’s pretty simplistic for directions but I’m not a DIY blogger. 🙂 They are much better at this than I.

So here is the finished product. I still need to attach hooks to the back so I can hang it on the wall like a piece of artwork.

All done!

All done!

Mise en place.

final jewelry

I am soooo much happier now that I have a place to put my necklaces where they aren’t getting tangled, I can see them, and they aren’t cluttering up my counter. Win, win, and win!

This is what Neatsmart loves to do: find a creative storage solution to your clutter problem. Just ask!

Happy organizing!


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