Embracing Minimalism?

hydrangeasThis is a thoughtful article about a book I am eager to read, Everything That Remains. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with The Minimalists and their mission to lead more meaningful lives not encumbered by the acquisition of stuff. That’a a pretty minimalist description so you should go to their website to get the full story. I’m definitely not doing it justice here. 🙂

I completely agree with their idea getting rid of anything in their homes that doesn’t have a function or bring them joy. The article posits that “getting organized” is a myth and just a ploy to continue mass consumerism. Is “clearing clutter” a canard to acquire more stuff? I admit I felt taken aback at reading this wondering if it applied to me. Do I help people clear clutter and get organized so that they can just have more stuff and have it look better? The answer is a resounding “NO” but I can see where they would think that. The top selling women’s magazine issues’ are typically the “getting organized” issues that are released throughout the year. Too often we are caught up in getting the new product (phone, It bag, car, ikat pillow or faux antlers, etc.) and not paying attention to what we already have and how it’s serving us.

What do you think of minimalism? Could you live in less space if you got rid 50% of your possessions? Could you live without a TV? Phone? Internet? I’m not sure I could and I’m not sure what that says about me. Hmmm. Food for thought.

Happy organizing!



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