Get Neatsmart for Spring

Well Spring is definitely here in the South as witnessed by the excessive sneezing and the fine layer of pollen covering everything. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get organized in 5 minutes, so here are some new ideas for you to try this week.


  1. Make a list of errands you need to run. You’d be surprised how many times people forget something while they’re out and then either put off getting it done or spend more time going back out. Write it all down, even if it’s just one thing to buy or do and you’ll be so thrilled tossing that finished to do list in the trash!
  2. Throw away extra rags. I think it is great to use your old ratty t-shirts and towels as rags when they are worn out but you don’t need to keep them forever. Go through your stash of rags and toss out the ones that have reached the end of their life or donate any extras that still have some life left. Animal shelters are frequently in need of extra towels, sheets, & blankets.
  3. Review your shoe inventory. For some of you, this may take longer than 5 minutes but most of us should be able to look through them fairly quickly. See which ones need repair and put them by the door so you remember to take them. Write “take shoes to repair” on your To Do list, first. 🙂 Evaluate if you need to keep what’s remaining. Completely worn athletic shoes can be recycled into running track so take your old sneakers to a running shoe store where they’ll take care of that.
  4. Go through your sock drawer, while we are on the subject of feet. Do you have socks with holes in them or without a mate? They aren’t helping you anymore. You can toss them without guilt. Or use them as rags but if they are really ratty, just let them go. It will save you time in the long run if you go ahead and match up all of your socks. This helps you when you are in a rush to get dressed and to know what you have so you’ll know if you need more.
  5. Write your To Do list at the end of the day. Anything that you didn’t get accomplished today goes to the top of the list so you stay on top of what needs to get done. This also helps with organizing your schedule and spacing out time commitments.

Don’t let the pollen get you down! It’s part of why Spring is such a beautiful season. The more pollen, the more blooms!

Happy Easter, too!



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