Stop the (March) madness!


  • Are you trying to finish a bunch of tasks prior to starting your weekend?
  • Finding yourself ending your day not knowing how you got through it all?
  • Have too much to do?
  • Overcommitted but can’t see a way to say no?

I think we are all guilty of at least one of these at some point during the week, however, your brain can only process so much information at once and you can only be one place at at time. Being present in any moment is what builds those memories in your head. Have you ever attended a child’s play or sporting event and watched the parents too busy filming to actually watch their child perform? It makes me laugh (and cry) that they are working so hard to preserve the moment to watch it later and yet they aren’t really present to experience it live.  Your memory of an event is more important than the image of it. I’m not saying don’t take pictures, I’m saying live in the moment and be present to absorb what’s going on now.

It’s always interesting to me how I read articles or have conversations around a particular theme without planning or thinking about it. Here are some posts and classes you might be interested in on this topic:



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