Study of a (great!) Closet


Everyone loves a closet makeover!

Just as artists will study a master painting to learn techniques for color, shadow, and composition so anyone can learn from someone else’s closet makeover. I’m not calling myself a master but you can see how some problems were solved and apply them in your own closets. Or you can call me to help you create a closet masterpiece.


  1. Group like with like. In this example, all kids’ toys, activity books, coloring books, pens, markers, tape, etc were grouped together instead of having them scattered throughout the shelves. Now the kids know where to go to get what they need. More importantly, they know where it goes when they are finished with it.
  2. Separate zones for kids’ items and Mommy and Daddy’s things. The kids can see their things clearly labeled and know that the wine, product inventory, tools, and photos are separate from theirs.
  3. Frequency of use=easy accessibility. Things that are used frequently, like a tool box and step ladder, are easily accessed while the things that aren’t needed frequently, like extra electronic cords and boxes, are kept on a higher shelf.
  4. Label items. This is especially helpful if you share your home with other people like spouses, children, or roommates. Everyone can see where everything goes so they can find things on their own AND, more importantly, put things back when they are finished. The key to any type of organization success is maintaining that order which can only be achieved by putting things back where they belong.




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