Fun for Friday: all about books!


Have you had crazy winter weather and been cooped up inside longer than you’d like? Did you get any reading done? Even if you just binge watched TV, let’s pretend you’re interested in books and bookcases for today’s post about bookcases.

How do you style a bookcase? Don’t you just put your books on them? Not so fast, there are countless ways to style them to suit your functional and aesthetic needs. Here are some tips on styling a bookcase and a visual here. We don’t say “arranging,” dear. It’s STYLING.

How about this gorgeous grasscloth finish on the backs of the bookcase. If you change your mind later, you can always paint over but this is great work here. I would definitely be up to try this myself. Painting+interior design=yes please!

Clients ask me all the time about bookcases. Which bookcases do I recommend to buy or how to make them more functional, you know, organized? Here is a link to my Pinterest board on the topic. Clearly, IKEA has great, inexpensive options but I can tell you from experience that they don’t move well.

Books to read before they’re made into movies. I read Unbroken last year and still can’t stop talking about it. I can’t wait for the movie to come out in December but I’m afraid they’re not going to tell the whole story. I know Angelina Jolie is very cozy with Louis Zamperini so I hope she does his story justice. Go. Read. It. Now. It is truly an amazing story of triumph and will and forgiveness and love……It’s a must read.

Do you use Audible? I just listened to Killing Jesus as part of a 30 day trial and it was great. I usually listen to music when I run but I feel like I was a multitasking rockstar listening and running at the same time. I highly recommend the book whether you listen or read it. I’ve just got to figure out if I want to keep up the subscription service.

Do you like reading? What would you recommend? How do you store your books? Comment below: I’d love to hear from you!



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