Fun for Friday!


I love a latte on a Friday to celebrate the end of a great week.

Here are some fun treats for Friday to make the day go a little faster. Hello, Weekend!

  • According to a 2011 CareerBuilder survey: 28 percent of employers admitted they are less likely to promote someone who has a disorganized or messy workspace. Hmmm, what does your workspace say about you?
  • In this age of McMansions, read this blog post about whether house size really matters in Less House, More Home. Do you think more house equals more happiness?
  • This is great concept that I would love to incorporate in my own closet: own fewer pieces of clothing but of better quality in Lean Closet Movement.
  • Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, actually it’s just a week from today! Are you ready? Here are some fun ideas for decorations, home made cards, and yummy food to celebrate.
  • Guess what? I’m also blogging over at One Girl One House. Come follow our adventures as SusanNicole and I as we Design, Renovate, and Organize Susan’s house that her parents built. It’s a DIY adventure that’s going to be so much fun to follow.!

One Girl One House

Happy organizing!


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