Chinese New Year Inspiration


Peking Bazaar in San Francisco, CA

Happy Chinese New Year 2014! It is the year of the horse and that is where my knowledge on the subject stops. I know that traditional observers will have already spent time cleaning out their homes in anticipation of the new year. What this does mean for you is here is another opportunity to start fresh if you’re feeling like you are in a rut or stuck somehow. January 1 has come and we are well into 2014 but this is a perfect opportunity to stop, reassess what you want to do and where you want to be this year. I love all of the “do-over” opportunities throughout the year like the starts of summer and school. Just know that you can create your own do-over and start fresh any day when you are ready to take on new habits.

If you are surrounded by clutter you can’t attract new experiences and opportunities. As any psychologist will tell you, what is going on inside is going to be reflected outside. A cluttered house is going to reflect a cluttered mind and vice versa. If you’re hanging on to old clothes that don’t fit or flatter then you’re never going to have the opportunity to get something new that does fit, flatter, and make you feel your best. If you are hanging on to old, insignificant papers and magazines, you’re not going to have room for something new and current. You’ll be living in the past, stagnant to new opportunities. 


Chinatown street light

Kind of like, “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere,” it’s Chinese New Year so use this as your opportunity to reset, restart, and move forward with positive change in your life. You can’t attract new if you’re being held down by old so let’s get started with clearing clutter in our homes and heads.

Happy organizing!


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