Post Christmas Organizing


Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope you are all enjoying this time with your family and friends. I know there are some super ambitious people out there who are ready to take the tree and all other decorations down NOW and while I appreciate their enthusiasm, I’d like to offer a couple of suggestions to ease the process. First, there are 12 days of Christmas so you actually have until January 6th to complete this. If waiting the 12 days isn’t your style, dismantle at will but be (neat) smart about it.

Are there decorations sitting in boxes that you haven’t used in a few years and really don’t want to ever use again? Could somebody else in your family use them or is there a friend that would enjoy them? Pass them on to someone else who would like them or donate to a shelter, church, Salvation Army, or Goodwill organization. Just because you see them once a year doesn’t mean they don’t take up space in your home the other 11 months. Let go of any decorations that don’t fill you with the Christmas spirit.

Do you have broken decorations or lights? Get them fixed or get rid of them. You can recycle lights and other electronics or plastics by contacting Earth911to find out where to take them.

Did you put up a real tree this year and need to dispose of it? Here is a link to learn how to recycle it. Kudos to you for buying a biodegradable tree!

How are your ornaments stored? I’m crazy about these options for lights, ornaments, and stockings. Although I usually recommend  clear boxes for clients’ putting things in storage, red or green are fine for Christmas because the colors symbolize the contents. You can never go wrong with clear, though.

You can also check out my entire Pinterest Board on Christmas Organization for other suggestions. Who doesn’t love Pinterest?

But my best advice to you for getting organized after Christmas is to take your time to enjoy the season and what it truly means. Take time to savor being with your family and friends without rushing to get, buy, or do something. Read, play games, cook, eat, take walks, and create some fun memories to look back on in the future. People will remember your hospitality but not the wreath on your door or the decorated mantle. There is no prize for the person who decorates best or puts them away quickly.

Happy organizing!


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