Honey, we’re moving to another country in 6 weeks

Honey, we’re moving soon!

Can you imagine hearing this today? Would you freak out? I am very excited for my client who is taking on this challenging adventure of moving to another country in 6 weeks. Now, this “other country” is not Mexico or Canada or even something close; it’s Thailand. As in 9,000 miles away and across an ocean.

So what all goes into planning for a transoceanic move? There are just a few details to work out:

  1. Sorting through a 3 bedroom house to determine what to pack, move, store, donate, sell, or trash.
  2. Hosting a few garage sales.
  3. Gathering necessary paperwork for the family including passports, medical information, school information.
  4. Selling 2 cars.
  5. Selling a house.
  6. Packing for at least 24 hours of flying with kids.

Occasions like this really get you thinking about what you need in your life and what do you want in your life. Family pictures become more valuable and cabinets full of DVDs less so. You also start to think about what you can get online now: movies, books, music, recipes, games. You also think about whether or not you are REALLY going to take up that hobby for which you’ve been hoarding supplies for that rainy day when you have a little more time. This opportunity forces you to focus on who you are and what you really do with your time. So many people get caught up in what they want to be instead of who they are and their home become these confusing, cluttered environments full of unrealized dreams.

I want to be a knitter/ crafter/ chef/ runner/ gardener/ you name it so I keep these supplies for when I have time to pursue it. If you really were that person, you’d be doing it and there wouldn’t be a question about whether or not to keep these things.

I used to be a banker/ lawyer/ some type of executive so I keep these suits in case I need them again. If you still carried that job title, you’d be wearing those clothes and there wouldn’t be a question about whether to move them.

I was a great cheerleader/ runner/ gymnast/ swimmer/ pole vaulter in college and I cherish those memories by looking at my uniform and trophies every once in a while. Really? Is that why all of that stuff is crumpled in a box in your attic that you go into twice a year to get holiday decorations?

While I do not advocate moving extreme distances as a method to clear clutter from your house, I do think it is a great exercise whenever you are on the fence about getting rid of something is to think, “If I were moving would I take this? If I were moving to Thailand, or some other distant country, is this essential?” Just because you wouldn’t take it with you doesn’t mean you toss it necessarily but this forces you to evaluate who you are and what you really need. It’s important to look at your life objectively and identify who you really are and what you really love to do. What you have in your home should support and uplift you and be aesthetically pleasing. It’s your home!

Have you ever moved across the world? Across country? What tips do you have to share about that experience? I look forward to helping my client on this journey and welcome any suggestions you have. Please enter them in the comments below.

Happy organizing!


One thought on “Honey, we’re moving to another country in 6 weeks

  1. YES! THIS!! I’m not moving, nor have I ever had to move a large distance, but the examples you give as reasons why people hold onto stuff is so relevant to anyone. This runs through my head every time I see my husband’s golf clubs that he has not used in the 10 years I’ve known him.

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