The Best Way to Organize Anything


I was trolling the inter-webs this week doing some research on organizing paperwork and email. I know how I do it but I wanted to see what other people had to say the best way to set up filing systems and manage bills. Everyone wants to know what is the best way to organize their kitchen, closet, office, paperwork so they can implement this solution and move on. I wish it were that simple and straightforward but, then again, I’d be out of a job if it were. The simple truth is there isn’t just one way to organize anything. Organization is very personal and means different things to different people. We all process information differently. We communicate differently. We have different tastes (thank goodness!). How on earth could there be an effective, one- size- fits- all method for organizing anything?


The emphasis on the above sentence is “effective.” For an organization system to be effective it has to suit your needs, lifestyle and you’ve got to like it and understand it. I saw some very pretty, multi-colored, multi labeled systems for creating files via Pinterest but I can tell you they wouldn’t apply to me. I’m sure they work well for the people who created them but it wouldn’t fit my needs.

So don’t get organization-envy when you look at Real Simple or Martha Stewart Living magazine. While they offer great suggestions, they aren’t living your life and don’t know what you specifically need to stay on task, keep up with activities, and file your paperwork. Their picture is perfect because it has to look good for the magazine and appealing to a consumer. For you to have an effective system, one needs to be designed specifically for  your needs, lifestyle, and you’ve got to like it. Look at the magazines and Pinterest for ideas, certainly, but ultimately it has to customized and set up for you to be effective, which is all that matters anyway.

So what’s the best way to organize anything? For you, it’s your way.

Happy organizing!


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