New Year, New Start

So who doesn’t love the New Year? It’s almost like when school starts and you have new clothes, shiny pencils, un-tattered notebooks, and a fresh ream of paper for taking notes. You feel like you are going to be at the top of the class because you are ready for everything. I feel that way the week after Christmas through the first week of the new year and thrive on it. I feel like I am on top of the world and eager for the excitement that is inevitable any time there is change. This is serious organization time for me; this is when drawers get sorted out, the refrigerator is cleaned, closets are straightened, and full bags and boxes are donated. What a great feeling!!  

But this feeling doesn’t have to be limited to just the first week of January or that week in August or September when school starts. You can give yourself that “new year, new start” feeling any time you commit to change and improvement. You still have to follow up on it but commitment to  change for yourself is key.

My favorite analogy for this is when people say the hardest part of running is getting your shoes on. Getting up and dressed for the run (or other form of exercise) is the hardest part because it is the start of the commitment that you are keeping. I’m not saying the cold air and sore legs aren’t painful but if you don’t put your shoes on, you’ll never know. 

So what are you committing to starting this new year? How will this year be different? 

Happy organizing!


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