Important Holiday Organization tip!

ImageThe most important holiday organization tip isn’t limited to just the holidays. Here is the most important organization tip ever: Make your lists! Write it down! There is nothing more effective at helping you to get organized than to write things down. I’m a fan of ye olde paper and pen but you can even put it in your electronic device if you prefer. The act of writing uses your visual sense and motor skills so there’s 2 parts of your brain working without additional effort. And then you are adding the memory of writing the items on the list which reinforces what you are trying to imprint on your brain. Simple, no? 

I can’t tell you how many times I write out a grocery list and then never refer back to it and still don’t forget items because I wrote it down. And the opposite is quite true: I’ll forget one of 3 things I was supposed to pick up because I didn’t write it down. You’d think there would be some memory threshold that would permit me to remember 3 things to pick up but that’s just not the case. 🙂

So make your lists: gifts to buy, food to make, cards to send, letters to write, parties to attend, coal to distribute…..Once you start, you won’t want to stop because you’ll be amazed at how this helps with keeping it all together. Your brain is a powerful tool but give it a hand with a pencil and some paper.

Happy organizing!


4 thoughts on “Important Holiday Organization tip!

  1. This is an excellent tip. The physical act of writing is powerful. I have imparted all kinds of nifty study tips to my children that involve writing. Not all of my progeny have taken my advice, but at least the oldest admits that he should. These kinds of study habits saved my butt in organic chemistry. By the same token, making lists can save the holidays.

    • I don’t always write things down, but when I do, I’m better organized and can remember more. I don’t think that sounds as clever as the Dos Equis commercial but you get the idea. Thanks for stopping by.

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