The best time to get organized is…

Trying to find the perfect time to get organized...

Trying to find the perfect time to get organized…

…tomorrow! At least, that is what any procrastinator will tell you. Tell me if any of these reasons (masquerading as excuses) sound familiar to you:

  1. I will have so much more time tomorrow. I believe Scarlett O’Hara said, “Oh, I can’t think about this now! I’ll go crazy if I do! I’ll think about that tomorrow.” 
  2. I’ll have more energy to put into getting organized later. Right now is just too busy.
  3. After the holidays, this meeting, company leaves, etc. I’ll be able to go through that closet.

You see, procrastination is not necessarily a bad thing at the outset. wWe have to prioritize our lives and do tasks when it makes sense and in order. You don’t cook dinner without getting the necessary groceries first. But attempting to schedule something that requires the mental energy and commitment of going through an organization process is tedious, tiring, time consuming and not really high on most people’s list of fun things to do. Yes, they want to have an organized closet or are tired of living in suboptimal conditions due to clutter but making that first step is the hardest. There are 2 key truths though about getting organized that you need to know:

  1. You have to start somewhere
  2.  It gets worse before it gets better

Now if that doesn’t make you want to hide under the covers I don’t know what will. You’ve got to start somewhere with this task and it really doesn’t matter where. However, making the decision to get started is the first and most important step. Once you’ve made that decision in your head, write it down as a goal somewhere you can see it. “I want to have a neat, easily functioning office space” or “I want a closet that is organized so I can find my clothes quickly in the morning when I am getting dressed” are perfect examples. Write the goal down so you can go back to it when the process of getting there seems to difficult to bear. Trust me, as you are going through that closet or office and you’ve got piles everywhere and it seems like there is no end to the madness, you will need a reminder of why you are doing this!

Which takes me to rule #2. Getting organized is messy work because you’ve got to clear it out before you can put it up. I think this is the number one reason why people fail at this endeavor. They can’t remember why they started this in the first place and they give up before finishing. This is also why many people hire an organizer: they need the accountability, support, and above all, an extra set of hands.

So my advice is to get started today. Maybe you don’t want to rip out the contents of your closets and drawers an hour before company is supposed to show up but you should start by writing the goal down. Then you can write down the tasks that will help you achieve that goal. This also helps build anticipation so that you are actually looking forward to getting organized or maybe that’s just me ;-). Once you get it clear in your head what your goal is, you will be unstoppable in getting it accomplished. So really, the best time to START to get organized is TODAY.

Happy Organizing!


4 thoughts on “The best time to get organized is…

  1. Carrie I think you are right. Just taking the first step can sometimes be enough to get you there and other times, well taking the second and third steps. Being organized has helped us in retaining and attracting East Cobb clients. So if you think about it, being organized makes good business sense. Thanks for the post.

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