Hidden Benefits of Organization

We all know that having an organized home and work area looks great but what about the additional, hidden benefits of organization? Once you’ve gone through the process of clearing the clutter and putting your space together in a cohesive, constructive manner, you’ll discover additional advantages that increase your return on investment. It tastes great and it’s less filling? Well sign me up!

  1. Increased inspiration: Your muse is calling and would like for you to listen. Now that you have an ordered environment to work in, you don’t have to worry yourself with finding the tools to work your creative magic. Your pens, papers, tools, bowl, or whatever is in place and waiting for you to exercise your genius.
  2. More time: Ah, the one resource none of us can buy and all of us want more of. I don’t even have to explain how wonderful it is to not have to run around the house looking for a cell phone, car keys, calculator, or clean shirt. That is time that is now yours to claim for your own.
  3. Less stress: Have you ever gotten into an argument with someone in your house about the condition of his or her or your things? Show them and yourself how much you love them by keeping the clutter under control and your home and office in order. This applies to children as well. With help, they can learn how to best organize their toys, clothes, and school stuff so that they’ll want to keep it in order. You can help build their esteem by showing they can handle the responsibility of ownership of their things. Happy kids=happy parents.
  4. More energy: When you can master a small organization task, you’ll be amazed at how that sense of accomplishment spreads to other parts of your life. You’ve conquered something that seemed like impossibility and now you can move on to a larger goal. That positive energy spreads to your work, relationships with family and friends, and overall view of the world. Your productivity increases, you are happier, and thus you attract more positive energy because you were able to master a difficult task. Remember, like attracts like so positive energy attracts more positive energy.

So in the beginning you may think you are just clearing out a drawer or closet but the aftereffects are numerous and extensive. Your investment of time and energy to get this task done will save your sanity in the long run because you have invested in yourself.

Plus, Neatsmart is always here to help you through this process ;-).
Happy organizing!


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