Online designer clothing consignment? Yes, please.

Continuing on the theme of “what do I do with the clutter that I’ve cleared from my closet” I’d like to introduce you to an online consignment store called  The RealReal. The RealReal is a site where you can consign your gently worn and loved men’s and women’s designer clothing. They also provide a concierge service for those looking to consign where they will send a consultant to your house to go through your closet with you. For those who just admire the designer clothing featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle magazines you can also use this site to buy gorgeous, gently worn, and loved designer clothing. This is yet another example of being green and eco conscious by fully utilizing what is already out there in the market place.

Nanette Lepore, Magaschoni, and JCrew, oh my!

Personally, I’m a huge fan of shopping in consignment stores and have acquired some lovely pieces myself: Jimmy Choo kitten heels, Prada kitten heels (I think there is a trend here), a JCrew cashmere sweater, a Magaschoni cashmere sweater (another trend here) among other things over the years. I’ve paid less than $100 for each of these items so I’m pretty proud of myself for not spending like crazy yet being able to buy good quality and great looking pieces. Everyone’s budget is unique and everyone has things they’ll spend on and things they won’t. Seriously, my sister would spend $100 on books before clothes so go figure. 🙂

Great style at a lower price–no arguments here!

So whether you are looking to get rid of designer clothes that are currently taking up space in your closet or would like to shop more fashionably, efficiently, and eco-friendly go look at The RealReal. You can email Nicole Fornaro at for any additional questions about how they work. Just tell her that Neatsmart sent you!*

If you are looking for help or advice on clearing the clutter from your own closet, just comment below and we’ll start with a free, no risk assessment.  

Happy organizing!

*This is not a paid endorsement. For real.


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