The Sunshine Award

Ok, so it’s not a picture of sunshine but it is a pretty picture.

I’ve been nominated for an award–yippee! Many thanks to Fun Fit 5K Plus for honoring me with this recognition. Bloggers are the best, I tell ya.  What could look better on my mantle than a Sunshine Award?

So the conditions of this award require me to answer the eight questions below and nominate 10 other awesome bloggers.

The Questions:

  1.  What is your favourite Christmas/festive movie? I’m just like Michelle but it really is “It’s A Wonderful Life.” I try to watch that movie every Christmas and I still get choked up when Harry toasts to his brother at the end, “…to my brother, the richest man in town.” There is a lot to be learned in that story….
  2. What is your favourite flower? Peonies are absolutely gorgeous but I’ve never been able to get them to grow so I take that personally :-). White, oriental lilies. They smell wonderful! Lilies and hydrangeas are at the top of my list.
  3. What is your favourite non – alcoholic beverage? Tall latte or water. We live waaayy to close to one of those coffee shops that has the character from Moby Dick as their symbol. It’s very dangerous and they know us all too well there.
  4. What is your passion? This is tough to answer quickly because you really don’t want to sound all pithy when talking about passion. I am passionate about trying to have a great marriage, living life to the fullest, loving my family, doing the right thing even if it’s annoying, helping others lead uncluttered lives, seeing and showing beauty to others…I really could go on an on.
  5. What is your favourite time of year? I love the Fall the best because of the crisp air, clear skies, and the colors of the leaves. Spring is a close second with everything coming into bloom.
  6. What is your favourite time of day? I actually like mornings but I don’t like to get up super early. It doesn’t hurt that my sweet husband wakes me up with a fresh cup of coffee every day.
  7. What is your favourite physical activity? I’d love to say running but I like the after part better than the during part. My favorite would have to be walks with the dog and yoga.
  8. What is your favourite vacation? We just had a wonderful trip to San Francisco in July that really topped the charts. Our honeymoon in Whistler, BC was pretty great, too. I had a super fun trip about a dozen years ago driving around the south of France with my best girlfriend. This was before either of us were married so it was very carefree and easy. My trips to Hawaii to visit friends were a ton of fun, too. It’s too hard to choose just one!

Whew, that wasn’t too bad. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me.

The Nominees are:

  1. Mixonian
  2. Bucket List Publications
  3. My Hands Made It
  4. Re-inspiration Store
  5. Drunk on Life
  6. Something Like That
  7. Faith, Family, and Fun
  8. Studio Exhibits
  9. The Kitchens Garden
  10. Heather Brookes

Check these blogs out. There is some great writing, ideas, pictures, humor, and fun to share.

Happy organizing!


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