Organization in 5 minutes

I have an article from Real Simple magazine (January 2011) pinned up on my bulletin board in front of my desk for inspiration called “If You Have Five Minutes” that has a list of 20 plus tasks you can do in 5 minutes or less. I love this concept because so often even the idea of “getting organized” seems not only herculean but also Sisyphean (great vocabulary word). This list, which I’ve unsuccessfully tried to find a link to on their website, provides great inspiration for those fleeting minutes when you can get a simple task accomplished, and usually one of those small, nagging ones that pile up incessantly. Just remember that those small victories add up and you’ll quickly have a smaller to do list so that you’ve got more time for what you want to do!

Which brings me to the title of this post which is organization in 5 minutes, the Makeup Drawer Edition. I realize I’ve probably lost any male readers at this point but, ladies, please keep reading. If you can take 5 minutes to go through your makeup drawer or basket or whatever you use to contain all of that stuff, you’ll be able to shorten the time it takes to get ready in the morning and reduce that AM anxiety.

Ugh. What a mess. And I can’t find what I need.

  1. Start with a clean slate. Take everything out of the container and clean it. It is amazing how much hair, dust, and general ick accumulates in something you use everyday.
  2. Take inventory. Look at every product and ask yourself, “do I really use this?” I have some super cool, gold, liquid eyeliner that I really just do not use. I’d like to think that I go out clubbing so much that I’ll need something like that but it’s just not the case. Also, get rid of old makeup that has seen better days. Replace it with something new for your own safety. While I am normally one who wants to pass things on to others, I do draw the line at cosmetics. That is too personal unless it is something you’ve never used or you have a sister who doesn’t mind. 🙂
  3. Pack for a trip. Huh? This is supposed to take 5 minutes. Really, think about what you would take if you were going on a trip and not checking luggage so you can only take the essentials. What products are absolutely required for everyday? You want to make sure those are within easy reach. This also helps with #3 because you see what you really do use.
  4. Group like with like. With the remaining products, group your blushes, eyeshadows, lipsticks, etc. together so that they are easily found tomorrow morning when you start this process all over. This also means to put elsewhere stuff that doesn’t belong here like bandaids, combs, cotton balls, etc. Everything needs a home and needs to be in that home.
  5. Make it pretty. Use attractive containers to store your products together and don’t limit yourself to just plastic, square boxes. Shop your house for baskets, bowls, trays, and odd shaped containers to store items together. If you must keep it all in 1 case, put items in zippy bags or fabric bags to separate the items.

Real makeup drawer, organized and ready to go.

There, all done now. Doesn’t that look better? Just think, you’ll start your day refreshed and with at least one part of your routine functioning well. This makes you neat and smart!

So, how do you store your makeup? What task can you suggest to get done in 5 minutes?

Happy organizing!


4 thoughts on “Organization in 5 minutes

    • Thanks so much! Yes, you have to be careful with makeup because it really does start to go bad after a while. If it smells “off” just toss it. I’m glad you like the blog.

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